Change is Here

20 Aug

My blog is going to be changing a lot. First off, I will no longer be blogging about MLB or the Detroit Tigers very often, if at all anymore. I am now a Freshman here at BGSU and I get Cincinnati Reds games on TV. I also don’t have much time to follow the games in depth. Which means I wont have enough information to write very much.

I will now be writing mainly about BGSU Athletics and about life here on campus. As you can tell, my title and description of my blog has changed. I thought about deleting the blog entirely, but I still want to keep this active, and I was pretty surprised that this blog still does get views everyday. I also won’t be writing nearly as often, maybe once or twice a week. The articles will probably be much shorter and they probably won’t be as professional and informational as my previous blog posts. So don’t expect to see perfect grammar, I don’t have the time anymore.

Just a few minor details about my life at the moment:

– I will be attending a meeting on Wednesday at Doyt Perry Stadium. The meeting will be with the Athletic Staff and I can start volunteering right after this meeting if I want. I will be able to do stuff such as take stats and record videos. There is more, but I do not have much detail yet. I will be able to work at whatever events I want, and nothing is required. Which is cool because I am not sure I want to work many football games, I rather just enjoy those. Although I can put in office hours while completing work with the football team. This is a great opportunity as I have already made great contacts with two of the Assistant Athletic Directors and the headman of my Sport Management Program.

– I will also be joining a few campus organizations. I will be attending a meeting and joining the “Falcon Fanatics” on Tuesday. This group promotes school spirit. They have weekly meetings where they plan what they want to do at athletic events, and they also bring in student-athletes as guest speakers. I also will be joining an undergraduate, pre-professional group as well, called the “Sport Management Alliance.” This group is simply amazing. You get to participate in field trips, such as tours of athletic buildings. You also get first priority to jobs, volunteer work and other opportunities from well known organizations that think very highly of the SMA. You also get invited to hear awesome guest speakers, such as NFL executives. And amongst much more, you have the chance to attend MLB’s Winter Meetings. Where all teams work on signing free agents, ect. You also get to apply for internships and jobs at the Winter Meetings.

– With my class schedule, and decision to join these groups and fully pursue my dream of a job in sports, I am going to have to stop playing hockey at the competitive level. Which means I will be retiring from the game as a Troy Colt. After everything that happened last season, there really is no better way to go out. And the club team simply just would have taken way too much commitment (Practicing 3 times a week and essentially being gone every weekend). I need to focus on keeping up in school.

I’m looking forward to this new blog. BGSU is amazing and I am having a blast and meeting the coolest people. My first few posts will probably be about the following:

1. My thoughts on BGSU students and other students around the country, wearing clothing of other University’s while walking around campus.

2. The start of the BGSU Football Season and/or my first interactions on campus with some of the stars on the team.


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