“Cupcake” Won’t Roll Over Saturday

29 Aug

You see all the big time schools do it, schedule a “cupcake” in the beginning weeks of the season to get a few easy wins.

After reading numerous ESPN articles, blogs and various Gator friendly blogs, BGSU is being referred to as one of these cupcakes. Which is completely fine. I understand that probably 95% of the USA population outside of the state Ohio is asking the following questions:

“What is a Bowling Green?”

“Why aren’t their colors Green and something else?”

I will say this though, If Gator Nation expects Bowling Green to roll over and for this game to be over midway through the first quarter, than they are in for a hell of a surprise. Bowling Green is not going to be intimidated at all. They are lead by a quarterback who has been in the program for four years.

Okay, so he has been in the program for a while. That doesn’t mean that he can hang with the Gators, he’s a MAC quarterback. Well, if you want to play that card, that is also fine. But you’d be wrong. Matt Schilz had an offer to play at Kansas State. He was actually committed to that program, until the coach that recruited him left for BGSU. If Matt decided to stay at KSU. He would probably be the starting quarterback and be playing for a team that is now ranked in the top 25.

Bowling Green is also lead by a defensive lineman who will be drafted into the NFL next year. Chris Jones is a two time All-MAC performer and will give the Gators all that they can handle. He leads a very experienced defense. Bowling Green returns 88.6% of its tackles, 92.9% of its sacks, 90.5% of its tackles for loss, and 100% of its interceptions and forced fumbles.

On offense, BG probably has more talent and depth at the running back position than Florida does. And they certainly have more experienced at QB, as Florida still doesn’t even know who their starting QB for the season will be.

I am not here to predict the game, although I do think BG will win. I am here to point out the simple fact that this game will not be a blowout and Bowling Green is not a typical cupcake. And for Florida, they should worry about themselves. They are coming off one of their worst seasons in quite sometime. Luckily for them, they had a great defense last year, or else they wouldn’t have even made it to a bowl game.

Bowling Green is not going to be intimidated by anything that Florida has to offer. For those fans that are expecting a cupcake like performance by BG just because they are going into big, bad SEC country, and playing in the mighty swamp, you will be in for a surprise.

And at the very least, when the game is still up for grabs in the third and fourth quarters, you will probably be wondering to yourself; “Why is our SEC team not completely destroying this MAC school?”

Buckle up Gator fans, Its going to be a long afternoon in Gainesville on Saturday for everyone expecting to be home by halftime.


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