6 Sep

So the home opener is this Saturday at the Doyt. It is pretty exciting for a variety of reasons:

1. Its a night game, which always seems to make the experience more epic.

2. I will be watching the game in the press box and get to do some other cool stuff (Free Dinner).

3. We should be able to win.

4. We looked great last week against a top 25 program, so it will be fun to watch the team at home.

5. It should be PACKED! Reports from the ticket office are indicating that they are receiving a bunch of calls and expect it to be a loud crowed. Traditionally, the home opener here is sold out.

I expect us to win by a few touchdowns. Idaho lost to an FCS school last week (Eastern Washington), but they were without their 6-5, 250+ pound quarterback. They are very high on this dude and at his weekly press conference, Coach Clawson indicated that Eastern Washington is a very good team. He said that they won the national championship a few years back and that they almost beat Washington on the road recently.

Many people are calling this game a “trap game.” Due to the fact that the team is probably excited that they competed very hard against a premier program. The media is “expecting” the team to take Idaho lightly because they are certainly no Florida, and they lost to an “inferior team.” It is also a trap game because the team may be looking forward to huge game next week. Next week BGSU takes on their bitter rival (Who will go unnamed) in the MAC Conference opener for both teams.

Personally, I am not buying any of this trap game talk. And either is the team. Tight end Alex Bayer said that the team is only guaranteed 12 games and that they will be excited for all of them. Captain Paul Swan also indicated that the team is very fired up for this game.

The fact is, its the home opener and the team will be playing in front of a packed crowed. They will be excited and ready to go and I fully expect them to win. They are the better team and they will play like it.

Also, Coach Clawson was one of the better FCS coaches out there. He helped rebuild a few FCS programs and he knows how good an FCS school can be. He even stayed around after his Wednesday press conference to inform the media of this knowledge. Not that Idaho is an FCS team, but they lost to an FCS team. Long story short, Coach knows what the team is up against Saturday. And his team knows. BGSU will come ready to play and they will win.

SIDE NOTE: Coach Clawson is a great guy and we are extremely lucky to have him here. He runs a clean program and he does everything the right way. He treats everyone with respect, and I mean everyone. He even went out of his way to talk to my buddy and I. He is also so professional and represents BGSU tremendously. I hope he never leaves. He has the reputation as a “program builder” and he has certainly rebuilt this program. BG is on the rise and will compete in the MAC and compete nationally for a very long time. The upcoming years could very well be the “Golden Age” for this football program.



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