BG-UT is The Best Non-BCS Rivalry in College Football

11 Sep

I have heard both schools talk about how this rivalry is the best Non-BCS rivalry in College Football. I have always believed them (Mainly because I go to BGSU and want to believe that this rivalry is huge), but it wasn’t until I did some research until I actually realized that it now is the best.

I read an article on ESPN that ranked the top 5 Non-BCS Rivalries (As of 2008), and BG-UT was ranked No.4 on that list. The rivalries ahead of it?

1. BYU vs. Utah (The Holy War) – No longer can be considered Non-BCS because Utah has joined the PAC-12

2. Boise State vs. Fresno (Battle for the Milk Can) – This was when both teams played in the WAC, and now both teams play in the Mountain West. So, technically it is still Non-BCS, but Boise State will be in the Big East next year and are rumored to be moving to the Big 12 after that.

3. Then comes the only Non-BCS Rivalry that will remain right along with BG-UT, Army vs. Navy. This is without a doubt a great contest, however I still think BG-UT is ahead of it. First off, its not really a rivalry is it? How can it be? These two forces work together to protect our country, so how can they “hate” each other? I get why its on the list and it is without a doubt a huge game that both programs and college football fans everywhere look forward to seeing at the end of the season, but I don’t really consider it a rivalry. It can’t be unless both schools literally hate each other, and I don’t see how that is possible in this situation. Maybe the teams do for that day, and I know I am not involved with it first hand, it is just my opinion.

4. BG-UT was No.4 on the list as mentioned.

5. Middle Tennessee State vs. Troy (Battle of the Palladium) I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know that this rivalry existed before I read the article. In 2008, the schools had only played each other seven times, so I’m a little confused by this and don’t even care to look up the tradition behind it. Nevertheless, it is clear to me that the BG-UT rivalry is miles ahead of this one.

The article also mentioned a few others outside of this list:

– Boise State vs. Idaho (Battle of Idaho) – The two teams have stopped playing each other since Boise State moved out of the WAC. And I believe that for a rivalry to exist, both teams have to be competitive, which isn’t the case here. The series was competitive at some point, but as the series ended, Boise was just destroying Idaho every single year.

– Houston vs. Rice (The Bayou Bucket), Memphis vs. Southern Miss (Black and Blue Bowl), Akron vs. Kent State (Wagon Wheel). I do not know much about these, but they do make sense. According to ESPN they aren’t nearly as bitter as BG-UT and I would tend to agree.

All and all, after all of this conference realignment, it actually is pretty cool that the BG-UT rivalry really is one of the best, if not the best, Non-BCS Rivalries in College Football.

In my opinion, it is without a doubt the best. The only one that compares to it is the Army/Navy game, but as I mentioned before, I can’t really call that series a rivalry. If you go to BGSU or Toledo, you know how much hatred there is between the two schools. I don’t have the time to get into all of it, but it is certainly there and I am sure that I will get into all of  it some other time.

For now, I am very excited to be apart of my first BG-UT Football game this Saturday. Me and my Dad will be traveling to that place they call the “Glass Bowl.” Which I think is just the dumbest name possible. It all goes back to all of the UT arrogance. They name their stadium like its some nationally recognized facility that hosts bowl games annually. Their basketball arena is also called “Savage Arena,” which I am extremely baffled as to why they would allow for that to be its name, but thats for another day. They also are charging outsiders 34 dollars a ticket (Their season ticket page is $59) for this game and they only gave our band 170 seats (We have over 300 members).

Sorry for the rant, that just gives you an idea of a little but of the hate that is going into it this year’s game. The game is at 7PM and it should be packed and loud.



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