Does BGSU Football Deserve National Ranking?

21 Oct

The Bowling Green State University Football team has won four straight games. If they win out, and that is a big if, they deserve to be nationally ranked heading into the Bowl Season.

Why is that?

Their only losses will be to No. 2 ranked Florida, a team that they actually outplayed. Multiple missed field goals (Both chip shots) and a timely turnover was the only thing that prevented a BG win. If you watched that game, Bowling Green outplayed the Gators. Even Florida fans would admit to that. Florida has looked unbeatable ever since and just destroyed a top 10 team.

BG also lost to Toledo, who just knocked off No. 21 Cincinnati and will probably be ranked next week, if not soon. Their only loss was to Arizona in week one in OT. BG’s final loss was to Virginia Tech. A team that is one game behind from leading their ACC division and having a chance to win their conference and head to a BCS bowl game.

Not to mention, all of these games were on the road and in the first month of the season. A lot of nationally ranked teams (Two in the top 10 have already loss to Florida) have and will continue to lose to those three teams.

If Bowling Green wins out, they will have the big wins to justify that ranking. They will have beaten Ohio on the road, a team that is currently undefeated and nationally ranked and they will have beaten Northern Illinois or Toledo in the MAC title game. Northern Illinois or Toledo, whoever makes it, will also be nationally ranked.

That would leave BG with a 10-3 record, a MAC East Championship, a MAC title championship and multiple top 25 wins. With their only losses coming during the opening month of the season against a team that is going to have double digit wins and two other teams that are probably going to the BCS, with one of those teams possibly going to the National Championship.

I am not saying they will win out. It will be very difficult. But if they do, the above resume will be extremely impressive. Bowling Green has an unbelievable defense (Ranked No. 1 in the MAC) and they will keep them in every game.

The MAC is actually a great conference this year which will help too. The conference has wins over Penn State (Big Ten), Kansas (Big 12), Cincinnati (Big East), South Florida (Big East), Indiana (Big Ten), Connecticut (Big East) and Iowa (Big Ten).

Needless to say, If Bowling Green wins the rest of their games, they should and will be nationally ranked.


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