JOUR 4750: Review A Blog

15 Feb

When looking at the differences between blog writing, and writing that is done for print journalism, I can pick out a few very obvious differences. First off, I feel like blogging triggers a lot of fan interaction. On a lot of blogs I read, I always see how the writer encourages the reader to share what they think in the comments, or they mention how you should share your thoughts on social media.

I also notice a lot of clickable links on blogs, directing you to other content that relates to the article that the blogger is writing about.

I feel like there is more of a professional feel to print journalism. You are strictly covering, and reporting on facts, and then sharing them. It feels more down to business, where as blogging feels much more modern. I also feel like blogging is becoming much larger. And you are starting to see almost every newspaper have some sort of online edition.

I think these changes are fitting in with the times. In today’s world, everyone is pretty reliant on technology, and blogs are a perfect example of this societal shift.


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