JOUR 4750: U.S. Soccer Player’s Move To Europe Covered Differently

20 Feb

Unknown-1When Matt Miazga – a U.S. soccer player – was transferred to Chelsea from his U.S. club New York Red Bulls, media in both countries covered the move very differently. Chelsea – a club in England – is undoubtably one of the better known clubs in the world. So, it makes sense that the move was met by some hesitation.

United States’ media, like this article on Deadspin, universally was very excited about the move. It’s very exciting when a young U.S. prospect moves on to bigger and better things. I read a lot about how talented Miazga is, and how well he will do with Chelsea.

On the other hand, English media was not too keen about the move. I read a lot about people not even knowing who he is. On Twitter, I saw a lot of comments about how a U.S. player certainly wasn’t worth the money.

Even something as a little as a young player moving to a different club, it’s very apparent that there are different viewpoints. Especially when looking at a soccer-crazed country like England, and a still developing soccer world in the United States.


Haisley, Billy. “Young American Stud Matt Miazga Set To Join Chelsea And Become New King Of English Soccer.” Deadspin. Deadspin, 27 Jan. 2016. Web. 20 Feb. 2016. <;.



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