JOUR 4750: Former NBA Player Returns To League After Dominating In China

17 Mar


Michael Beasley, a former No. 2 pick of the Miami Heat in the 2008 NBA Draft, was named MVP of the China League, and was recently signed by the Houston Rockets. Beasley has played six games in the NBA this season since the signing.

Former players and media have been skeptical of his return, sighting the lack of talent in the Chinese League. In this article, the author writes, “His career averages in the world’s best league (NBA) suggest that he should stay in China.”

In the article, Beasley’s former teammate Dwayne Wade was quoted as saying, “I want to know who he’s playing against.”

I agree with the skepticism of Beasley, but it seems that this is how most people feel. I haven’t found an article that praises him, or fails to mention the lack of talent that he’s facing. This is a guy that had a rough go of things in the NBA after being drafted.

He’s being covered as a hero in China. This is kind of a feel-good story, and I’m surprised more media in the United States aren’t covering it as such.


Pina, Michael. “Dwyane Wade Is a Bit Skeptical of Michael Beasley’s Chinese League MVP.” FOX Sports. FOX Sports, 29 Feb. 2016. Web. 17 Mar. 2016. <;.


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