JOUR 4750: Curling Coverage In Canada Compared To The United States

24 Mar

The annual curling national championships in Canada — referred to as the Tim Horton’s Brier — just concluded a few weeks ago. The tournament is massive. It draws a lot of media coverage, and the attendance is amazing. Each year, it is held at one of the Canadian NHL team’s arenas, and each day of the event, it is jam packed.

The United States curling national championships were the week prior. Although curling is much bigger in Canada, the sport is growing at a nice rate in the United States. NBC Sports even shows the sport on national TV weekly — the program is called “Curling Night In America.”

However, when trying to find articles on the two events, I struggled to get much of anything on the U.S. event. The only stuff I could find was on the event’s website. However, the Canadian event is covered by most of the prominent newspapers in Canada. By just a Google search, I found an article on the championship round written by the Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press and Ottawa Sun, among others.

The Ottawa Sun article, in particular, had a fantastically-written recap. It was professionally done, and it mirrored the quality that you’d see in an NHL recap — the more prominent sport in Canada.

I think the reasons why there is such a contrast is obvious — curling is much bigger in Canada. It’s just interesting to note the difference of coverage, especially because the United States has done fairly well against Canada in curling across a number of levels.


Holder, Gord. “Koe Rink Rock-solid in Brier Final.” Ottawa Sun. Ottawa Sun, 13 Mar. 2016. Web. 24 Mar. 2016. <;.


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