JOUR 4750: Manchester United Star Is Just A Kid

11 Apr


Manchester United — one of the most popular soccer club’s in the world — signed a French striker, Anthony Martial, this past offseason. The deal was the largest signed by teenager in the history of the game. Martial — who signed the deal at 19 years old, turned 20 during the season.

Since he plays on such a famous club, the pressure really couldn’t be bigger. British media treats him as if he’s any other player, and deservedly so. He’s a professional and he’s playing at a very high level. He shouldn’t really get any breaks, because he is being paid a lot of money to perform at a very high level.

However, here in America, it’s easier for us to realize that Martial is just a kid. If he wasn’t playing soccer, he’d probably be a sophomore in college. It’s easy to forget that due to the fact that he’s a famous soccer player.

This article, however, published by Deadspin, puts things into perspective pretty well. The article talks about how Martial speaks of his coaches as father figures, and how joyous and playful most of his interviews are.

It’s easy for British media to lose sight of the fact that Martial is a kid. But from a distance, it’s nice to see that American media sees Martial for exactly what he is. Aside from his amazing soccer talents, he’s just a 20-year-old that is learning to mature and live on his own, just like any other young college-aged kid.


Haisley, Billy. “A Reminder That Anthony Martial Is Still A Goddamn Child.” Deadspin. Deadspin, 03 Mar. 28. Web. 10 Apr. 2016. <;.



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