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JOUR 4750: Manchester United Star Is Just A Kid

11 Apr


Manchester United — one of the most popular soccer club’s in the world — signed a French striker, Anthony Martial, this past offseason. The deal was the largest signed by teenager in the history of the game. Martial — who signed the deal at 19 years old, turned 20 during the season.

Since he plays on such a famous club, the pressure really couldn’t be bigger. British media treats him as if he’s any other player, and deservedly so. He’s a professional and he’s playing at a very high level. He shouldn’t really get any breaks, because he is being paid a lot of money to perform at a very high level.

However, here in America, it’s easier for us to realize that Martial is just a kid. If he wasn’t playing soccer, he’d probably be a sophomore in college. It’s easy to forget that due to the fact that he’s a famous soccer player.

This article, however, published by Deadspin, puts things into perspective pretty well. The article talks about how Martial speaks of his coaches as father figures, and how joyous and playful most of his interviews are.

It’s easy for British media to lose sight of the fact that Martial is a kid. But from a distance, it’s nice to see that American media sees Martial for exactly what he is. Aside from his amazing soccer talents, he’s just a 20-year-old that is learning to mature and live on his own, just like any other young college-aged kid.


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JOUR 4750: Curling Coverage In Canada Compared To The United States

24 Mar

The annual curling national championships in Canada — referred to as the Tim Horton’s Brier — just concluded a few weeks ago. The tournament is massive. It draws a lot of media coverage, and the attendance is amazing. Each year, it is held at one of the Canadian NHL team’s arenas, and each day of the event, it is jam packed.

The United States curling national championships were the week prior. Although curling is much bigger in Canada, the sport is growing at a nice rate in the United States. NBC Sports even shows the sport on national TV weekly — the program is called “Curling Night In America.”

However, when trying to find articles on the two events, I struggled to get much of anything on the U.S. event. The only stuff I could find was on the event’s website. However, the Canadian event is covered by most of the prominent newspapers in Canada. By just a Google search, I found an article on the championship round written by the Toronto Star, Winnipeg Free Press and Ottawa Sun, among others.

The Ottawa Sun article, in particular, had a fantastically-written recap. It was professionally done, and it mirrored the quality that you’d see in an NHL recap — the more prominent sport in Canada.

I think the reasons why there is such a contrast is obvious — curling is much bigger in Canada. It’s just interesting to note the difference of coverage, especially because the United States has done fairly well against Canada in curling across a number of levels.


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JOUR 4750: Former NBA Player Returns To League After Dominating In China

17 Mar


Michael Beasley, a former No. 2 pick of the Miami Heat in the 2008 NBA Draft, was named MVP of the China League, and was recently signed by the Houston Rockets. Beasley has played six games in the NBA this season since the signing.

Former players and media have been skeptical of his return, sighting the lack of talent in the Chinese League. In this article, the author writes, “His career averages in the world’s best league (NBA) suggest that he should stay in China.”

In the article, Beasley’s former teammate Dwayne Wade was quoted as saying, “I want to know who he’s playing against.”

I agree with the skepticism of Beasley, but it seems that this is how most people feel. I haven’t found an article that praises him, or fails to mention the lack of talent that he’s facing. This is a guy that had a rough go of things in the NBA after being drafted.

He’s being covered as a hero in China. This is kind of a feel-good story, and I’m surprised more media in the United States aren’t covering it as such.


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JOUR 4750: Qatar World Cup Controversy

14 Mar

Ever since Qatar was awarded the 2022 World Cup, it has been surrounded by controversy. United Stats media still claims that the U.S. was supposed to win the bid to host the tournament, but it believed that Qatar bought the bid.

However, then FIFA president Sepp Blater has since come out saying that the World Cup is given to the country with the most political influence at the time. Blatter said that France wanted the World Cup in Qatar.

It is interesting to see how the rest of the world is covering this controversy, compared to how U.S. media is covering the topic. United States coverage focuses on how the 2022 World Cup should be hosted by the U.S., while a lot of coverage focuses on the entire controversy.


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JOUR 4750: Chinese Soccer League Surprising The Rest Of The World

1 Mar

Unknown-2Early in February, the Chinese Super League (Chinese soccer league) shocked the soccer world by signing Jackson Martinez — a striker on Atletico Madrid, one of the world’s biggest clubs.

It shocked the world so much that it caused Deadspin to publish this headline. The article said things such as, “This is insanity,” when referring to the announcement of the signing. Furthermore, this sentiment was shadowed by many across social media. The general thought around the world, outside of China, was, “How the heck did this Chinese club do this?”

However, when looking at the actual statistics on signings around the world, the Chinese Super League spent the most money on signings during the winter transfer period. As documented in this Business Insider article entitled, “Chinese soccer teams are spending an absurd amount of money on players,” the Chinese Super League spent significantly more money on players than any other league — including about $65 million more than the famous English Premier League.

So, although many were surprised by this signing in the media, simple research shows that the Chinese Super League is spending more on players than any other league.


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JOUR 4750: U.S. Soccer Player’s Move To Europe Covered Differently

20 Feb

Unknown-1When Matt Miazga – a U.S. soccer player – was transferred to Chelsea from his U.S. club New York Red Bulls, media in both countries covered the move very differently. Chelsea – a club in England – is undoubtably one of the better known clubs in the world. So, it makes sense that the move was met by some hesitation.

United States’ media, like this article on Deadspin, universally was very excited about the move. It’s very exciting when a young U.S. prospect moves on to bigger and better things. I read a lot about how talented Miazga is, and how well he will do with Chelsea.

On the other hand, English media was not too keen about the move. I read a lot about people not even knowing who he is. On Twitter, I saw a lot of comments about how a U.S. player certainly wasn’t worth the money.

Even something as a little as a young player moving to a different club, it’s very apparent that there are different viewpoints. Especially when looking at a soccer-crazed country like England, and a still developing soccer world in the United States.


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JOUR 4750: Review A Blog

15 Feb

When looking at the differences between blog writing, and writing that is done for print journalism, I can pick out a few very obvious differences. First off, I feel like blogging triggers a lot of fan interaction. On a lot of blogs I read, I always see how the writer encourages the reader to share what they think in the comments, or they mention how you should share your thoughts on social media.

I also notice a lot of clickable links on blogs, directing you to other content that relates to the article that the blogger is writing about.

I feel like there is more of a professional feel to print journalism. You are strictly covering, and reporting on facts, and then sharing them. It feels more down to business, where as blogging feels much more modern. I also feel like blogging is becoming much larger. And you are starting to see almost every newspaper have some sort of online edition.

I think these changes are fitting in with the times. In today’s world, everyone is pretty reliant on technology, and blogs are a perfect example of this societal shift.